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  • Wavatar Tarkus: That's a very specific fetish... It must be hard for her to find it on the web. #6 – Leviticus 18:9
  • Wavatar Tarkus: Smart and friendly girls who wear black and red and use spats? Fucking great taste m8 #3 – Fight
  • Wavatar Camiland: Been busy with the original Goriland comic lately, will try to work on camiland this week tho, but can't promise… #16 – Rape
  • Wavatar Camiland: Thanks for showing interest, been busy with the goriland comic #16 – Rape
  • Wavatar Drama Llama: where the FUCK is the new page? #16 – Rape


Comic overview:

Camiland follows the story of Camila Rioseco, a 12 years old girl who is in love with her twin brother Ambrosius (The main character of Goriland Comic) and wants to be in a romantic relationship with him.


True love or pure degeneracy? Maybe both!


Camila has been secretly taking notes of everything her brother likes in a notebook for years, paying special attention to whatever he finds attractive in women so she can be the perfect girl for him.

Ambrosius is a very naive boy, and Camila knows exactly how to take advantage of his innocense. She convinced him that playing with eachother naked is a normal things for siblings to do (Warning! This is shown explicitly in the comic!) for her own pleasure.


Suddenly she starts getting bullied at school by Valentina, so (Just as they always do when one of them has a problem) they switch clothes and pretend to be the other.


Everything was going smooth until OH NO! AMBROSIUS FOUND CAMILA’S NOTEBOOK! HOLY FUCK!


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